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Clock room by arui001
Clock room
What are you living for?
(This is the Eighth one of Buttman series.)

Buttman has no idea why he is coming here... Maybe it is just going wrong place, but he cannot go back already.
"welcome to the Time gap,  the Clock room."  Vegetable Man looks at he and says
"enjoy the following games, and once you win, you can go the next level. And once you win three levels, you will get rewards and leave from here."
"But once you lose, you never leave until you win."

hehehe....never ending, Buttman says to himself.
"what is your hope?" "I don't know, maybe just want to wake up. Because I dont know what am i doing..."
"I created an ideal world for you, boy. you can live here forever if you play the game with me."
"I...I cannot...I need to find out the truth of who i am."
"hehehe,,,then please beat me first:)"
"well...I will"
Infinite gate by arui001
Infinite gate
We are lodged from one place to another...

After destroy of Bean sprout village, Buttman lost his best friend. It seems like the clue is lost also. He leaves village and roams in the Infinite gate where he is able to choose the other place to go.
"A bean seed, a red rope and a lava shell," Buttman counts his props which got from Bean sprout village,"maybe I should put them on the altar."
......few mins passed, never happened.
"maybe it needs to fix with other props which I got from other previous place." He picks up a Fire stone which got from Track town and a Pigeon feather which received from little Pigeon, and re-selects three of his props.
The gate starts to run, a new realm is activated. (Branch line plot
Bean sprout and oven by arui001
Bean sprout and oven
Beansprout man is a group of residents which comes from oriental land. There were very nice and beautiful place, and people created a great civilization with large bean sprout vines, which they believe the large vine could bring the blessing from sky god. They lived there for hundreds years with peaceful life. But one day the quite was broken.  A burning oven fulled down to this village, everything then suddenly changed. Like a hell. People tried to save the vine, but it seemed like it is too late...

Buttman met his first friend here, but also the last one. He still believe that the their sky god will save them. Buttman finally comes up to sky and meet the sky god, but the answer is....
"I can create them, i can also take them away."
"we believe you that you bless because of you choose us."
"now I have already decided to throw."

May be it is better to be unknown than know...
14Chaos marsh by arui001
14Chaos marsh

A place where had been controlled by evil power. It was an uncharted region.

A shouting of Tom’s was heard from distance. No sooner had George taken action than a huge monster suddenly rushed out from the lake of marsh. The body of monster was wrapped by the remains and dead. Tom was also in it. George looked pale and dazed, he just constantly prayed… 

13Ghost Plain by arui001
13Ghost Plain

Here will be going to cause an encounter. 
The ghosts who were remained from the war gathered in here. Because of the war, their souls were not rose up to heaven, but wandering around here as an evil spirit to drain soul of whom passing here. Crying and shouting full of the whole scene.

After passing this region, the fog gradually disappeared. There were no way could be gone around, only a marsh field in sight. 



No journal entries yet.


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Rui Wang
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